Industry certified Robert Terell is recognized as “The Industry’s TOP Choice” in global business entertainment, brand development, and brand management. Robert Terell ascent from unpaid intern to president, business expert, financial strategist, motivational speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur has aided him to take major steps forward to grow and develop emerging acts and teaching them how to arrive on the scene with a fresh and new perspective.

Born and raised in the streets of New York City by a single parent mother, Robert began his career in the music business as an intern at Calliope studios in New York, NY.

As the visionary thought leader of Wealth Nation Entertainment, he has orchestrated major label distribution deals with Universal Music Group Distribution (UMGD) via INgrooves Fontana, and has held several major positions in the industry throughout his career including the following: V.P. of A&R with IMG recordings, which is distributed via Warner Bros., Sony, EMI, and Universal, E.V.P. of Corporate Affairs/Strategic alliances for HYPE Magazine and THM Media.

Recently appointed by President and Vice President of Bungalo/Universal as Regional Director for South Regional Markets, Terell plans on taking the music game back to the days when artists were groomed to become stars.

As Gunplay’s (MMG/DEF JAM) Business Manager, Robert and his team was instrumental in finalizing his deal with DefJam. Robert also negotiated and secured the deal for New York rapper “COMPUTA” with eOne (formerly Koch) and partnered with Def Jef to get his record placement with BET on the new Wayans Bros. Show “Next Generation Wayans,” which aired in 2013.

But among endless tasks of responsibilities, Terrell’s most recognizable accomplishment is showing his loyalty to his artists, and collectively, to what’s real; a trait possessed among the truest individuals and which has become the very essence of his success.

This industry is Robert Terrell’s passion, from which he inhibits the capability to do anything for his artists, anything and everything from A to Z. He is the executive of executives with a recipe made for success, and a man who walks with music’s past, present, and future in the palm of his hands.

Robert leverages his knowledge, experience, and business acumen to specialize in the areas of deal structuring, publishing, licensing, merchandising, major label distribution, and international marketing to skillfully represent the needs of his diverse clientele and their best interest. With 16 plus years of experience in the entertainment industry he is affectionately known by many of his close friends and business colleagues as