Entertainment Business Manager “Official Dealmaker” Robert Terell Gives The Inside Scoop With The Release Of New Book “Broke & Famous: The Music Game…”


Atlanta, GA-August 12, 2014— Founder and CEO of Wealth Nation Entertainment, Robert Terell aka “Official Dealmaker” has announced the release of his book, “Broke & Famous: The Music Game…” The book provides aspiring musicians with the “real rawness” that is the music industry.

In “Broke & Famous: The Music Game…” Terell gives advice on the best way to protect yourself as an artist in this industry and that is by first understanding that you have to be in this business for the right reason and that reason is for the music; however, that alone isn’t a recipe for success as you have to surround yourself with a team of professionals that you can afford. Filled with a lot of expert knowledge and life lessons the book is sure to be a staple for any aspiring musician.

Robert has created a timeless, if unexpected, message for the new music generation. Beneath the bling-bling and often obscured by outsized and outrageous personalities lies the truth that music business success still requires vision, focus, discipline and execution. It is why Robert has written a book for aspiring and established musicians on how to succeed in the music business and how to avoid going broke due to bad, “too good to be true” deals.

“Some music lovers are generally surprised to hear news of their favorite artist declaring bankruptcy, but it does happen – and not always because the artist went on a wild spending spree. Going bankrupt is one of the only defenses against bad record contracts for musicians” states Terell.

Broke And Famous will provide readers with the insiders view as to why and how so many artists go broke. The book will also teach the upcoming artist on how not to go broke, and how to surround yourself with a team that will help you succeed. Robert leverages his knowledge, experience, and business acumen to specialize in the areas of deal structuring, publishing, licensing, merchandising, major label distribution, and international marketing to skillfully represent the needs of his diverse clientele and their best interests. With 16 plus years of experience in the entertainment industry he is affectionately known by many of his close friends and business colleagues as “THE OFFICIAL DEALMAKER”.

“Broke And Famous: The Music Game…” is available for purchase on for $7.19 and the Kindle version is available for $3.99.

About Robert “Official Dealmaker” Terell
Born and raised in the streets of New York City by a single parent mother, Robert began his career in the music business as an intern at Calliope studios in New York, NY. As the visionary thought leader of Wealth Nation Entertainment, he has orchestrated major label distribution deals with Universal Music Group Distribution (UMGD) via INgrooves Fontana, and has held several major positions in the industry throughout his career including the following:  V.P. of A&R with IMG recordings, which is distributed via Warner Bros., Sony, EMI, and Universal, E.V.P. of Corporate Affairs/Strategic alliances for HYPE Magazine and THM Media. As Gunplay’s (MMG/DEF JAM) Business Manager, Robert and his team was instrumental in finalizing his deal with DefJam and partnered with Def Jef to get his record placement with BET on the new Wayans Bros. Show “Next Generation Wayans,” which aired in 2013.